Monday, 9 May 2016

My 3 Current Go To Hairstyles During Summer Or Hot Season

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From time to time, I try to mix up the fashion section of this blog so that it inspires people with various needs. Be it in terms of our ladies or women dressing like Queens and our men dressing like Kings that they are or about our Queens and Kings hairstyles or our Queens makeup. If you missed anyone, you could search this blog with the hashtag fashion just like this #Fashion and I hope you get inspired with what you see.

It is no secret that I am currently in Nigeria and it is also no news that Nigeria at the moment is pretty hot. There are hairstyles that actually causes more heat to the already hot weather rather than relieving usof it. Lol

So, I have pretty much deviated from my normal go to hairstyles (side part weaves, middle part weaves and curly weaves) to my now current heat free hairstyles. I hope this inspires our ladies and women to still look like the Queens that they are but without much heat. ENJOY!
My Current Go To Hairstyles

Box Braids/Twisting Braids

But the one I currently have on which I am madly in love with is this hairstyle on Tiwa Savgae :

Half Ghana weaving then braids. You can park it, free it or style it. Heat free. I was looking for a braid related style to do, saw this and was like let me try it and I haven't regretted it. *Dancing*

Simple Ghana Weaving/Weaving

I hope this helped?

If you have more suggestions please do feel free to share with us.

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  1. Beautiful hair styles, wanted something simple and similar to do.I think I will go for the last one.thanks for the inspiration, lol

  2. There this girl was in front of me in Church wearing the Simple Ghana Weaving.
    I couldn't help but admire her all through the service.
    The style looked so good on her.
    Wish I get to see her again and tell her how much I admired her last Sunday.


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