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Looking Back Now, What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self?


Sometimes, when growing up you will feel as though the ground should open up and just swallow you. You will feel as though you are doing everything wrong. You feel so unloved. Many mistakes made. You want to grow up so fast. You might not know how to deal with disappointments, betrayals etc. You might feel so confused about life. You tend to worry all the time what tomorrow looks like and the list goes on...

So what advice would you give to your younger self looking back now and knowing what you know today? Let's advice our younger self, someone who is much younger than we are might be greatlt inspired & touched with these advice.

I would tell my younger self that
it is ok not to be ok. That everything will eventually be alright. Those mistakes or wrongs and disappointments were just building you to be a better and a stronger person. Just live. Take each day at a time. You are deeply loved, cared for and adored. I would advice my younger self not to worry about tomorrow that tomorrow will always take care of itself. Just never let go the hands of God.

I actually wrote in details here what I would advice my teenage/younger self >>>  you can check it out for more inspirational advice.

A much younger person might be going through certain things in his/her life right now, you advice to your younger self might be exactly what the person needs to scale through life at that particular moment. Let's inspire our younger ones with our advice. *Smiles*

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  1. Advice to my younger self (16 years old):
    Dear Ann
    I've got two words for you 'be careful'

  2. U cant be young forever

  3. A good read. My advice to my younger self. In the end it won't all matter. Chin up and be strong


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