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How I Prepared My Vegetable Stew


You know that feeling of the desire to prepare something simple and easy because of how hungry you are? So this past week, I wanted to eat white rice with something made with vegetable. I kept asking myself, can I eat white rice with vegetable soup? At the same time, I was like, I don't even have the strength to start boiling meat or fish or chicken to prepare any vegetable soup. Or maybe buy tomatoes, but to start blending it, boiling it & frying it (please find how to prepare stew here >>> ).

I needed an easy brezzy food. Lol. Like they say, Google has most of the answers. So, I checked Google on vegetable stew and what I saw caught my attention all thanks to a post on vegetable stew here >>>  from a website called wivestownhallconnection

I was greatly inspired to cook this stew and within 20 minutes or less, the stew was ready as you can see above and below. 

Here are the ingredients needed for this stew and the steps in preparing it:
Ingredients and direction were from the wesbite
  • Flutted pumpkin (Ugu)
  • water leaf
  • Smoked cat fish 
*** though it wasn't smoked cat fish I used but smoked fish all the same.
  • Knorr cubes
  • palm oil
  • onion
  • crayfish
  • pepper
  • salt
  • water
  1. I stir fried some chopped onion, crayfish and ground fresh peppers in hot palm oil.
  2. The washed smoked fish is added, then knorr cubes and salt, with a little water added and allowed to simmer until the fish is a bit tender.
  3. Checked for salt and added the vegetables, both water leaf and ugu at once, then continued to stir until the veggies look a bit different from when they were just added. 
  4. Turned off the heat and served with  boiled rice
After cooking, I served of course and trust me it tasted so good. I will certainly be cooking this stew more often. 

I hope you when you try it, you will love it too. *Smiles*

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  1. plss don't eat dhl some here in Abuja

  2. Looks really nice,well done. Wivestownhallconnection food blog has it all.

  3. Looks really nice,well done. Wivestownhallconnection food blog has it all.

  4. Biko who bi wivetown... Kiniko Kiniko, I dey sure una no get this particular one ooo :p lol. Admire the one you dey see here... I already dey salivate sef ...


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