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How I Cook My Fried Rice


Just yesterday, I was complaining to hubby how ridiculous the price of fresh tomatoes are at the moment. 4/5 balls of tomatoes for N200. That means if you want to prepare stew you need a substantial amount of fresh tomatoes to be able to prepare the right quantity of stew you want. 

He explained to me why the country is experiencing a hike in the prices of fresh tomatoes at the moment. I was enlightened to say the least. Be that as it may,  you can also cook fried rice to feel at ease with the hike in fresh tomatoes' price.

We occasionally inspire one another on how to cook instead of always having to eat out which there is nothing wrong in that but it should be a once in a while thing when you want to spoil yourself. So today, we will be inspiring one another on how to cook fried rice.

Ingredients Needed:
1) Rice (your desired quantity)
2) Green pepper
3) Red pepper (I love using red pepper too).
4) Onions
5) Beef (as I used in the above picture) or chicken or fresh fish (anyone you want).
6) Green peas
7) Carrots
8) Sweet corn (not compulsory)
9) Salt
10) Seasoning & Maggi cube (s)

How to cook fried rice 

1) Put your rice in a clean pot and add water to the it. The water should be a little bit above the rice. 

2) After that, put it on fire and leave to boil. 

3) Normally, in cooking joll of rice (a post on that here >>> ) or white rice, you wash your rice when it is half boiled but in fried rice, you wash your rice when it is fully boiled. 
So when your rice is fully boiled, wash and leave in a sieve.

4) Boil/cook your meat. But before you do that, wash your meat with salt thoroughly to disinfect it from germs. After doing that, add small water to your meat which should already be in a pot. Then, add a cube of maggi and some sliced onions to your meat and leave to boil.  

5) When my rice and meat is boiling, I like to keep myself busy by slicing my green pepper, red pepper and onions. 

6) Your meat/beef should be done by now so bring it out and leave in a plate. That is, remove the meat from its stalk (the meat water). But make sure you don't pour it away.

Normally, you are supposed to also chop your meat into small sizes as you slice your green pepper, red pepper and onions. But since I want to eat the beef alone, I won't be doing that. 

7) As you are doing the slicing and chopping be checking the rice. When it is fully boiled, do (3). 

8) Put little quantity of groundnut oil into your empty rice pot and leave it for it to be hot.

9) When it is hot, add your sliced green pepper, red pepper and onions, then stir. 

10) After that add your green peas and sweet corn then stir.

11) Then add your meat and its stalk  into the pot. Add your salt, seasoning and your maggi cube (s), then stir. 

12) Normally, when cooking fried rice you need not add water or so much water that is why the rice was fully boiled before washing. But if (11) is a bit salty, add little water to it. 

13) Leave to boil for a minute then add your rice and stir. 

14) Cover the pot and leave to cook for a minute or two. When you open the pot it will be looking like this:

P.S- You are supposed to add your carrots (sliced) together with your sliced green pepper and the rest but I love eating my carrots fresh so I add it to my rice when I serve as shown below

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  1. This food looks yummy and am salivating. The price of tomatoes no be here.thanks for reminding us of other ways to enjoy our rice but you should have sent some via email .

  2. looks yummy, abeg send some to us here Ghana

  3. me am having long throat

  4. Nice recipe. Looks yummy!
    Ps:Allow it to burn a little

  5. Wow, nothing stops me from trying this out.
    The other day, I was trynna learn how to do this from my 14 years old niece by trick.
    By trick I mean;I visited their house and we ate fried rice the night before... I didn't wanna ask her how herself and her mom made the fried rice without sounding nosed out. I called and asked her like she was serving punishment for something she did wrong. I even made her write every step out. Those she wasn't cleared with, she went and asked her mom.
    You now know what I mean by trick right?!

    Chi-mo give us wedding pictures nau.

  6. Honestly I like your cooking o.


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