Monday, 23 May 2016

From Cleaning Car Owners Windscreen In Traffic To Meeting The King Of Fashion


abdullahi olatoyan

One strange but great thing about this life is that tomorrow is heavily pregnant and no one really knows what it will birth.

The man above whose name is Abudulahi Olatoyan above always dressed like this, of course I like the King that he is to clean the windscreen of car owners in Ibadan traffic, Oyo State Nigeria.
He dropped out from the University of Ilorin after the death of his father and was unable to gather funds to head back to school. He decided to make a living for himself by cleaning windscreens.
I am very sure many would have made fun of him for dressing like that daily under the hot weather to clean windscreen of people.

The world was touched by his story to the extent that CNN and Yahoo featured his story. His destiny changed when a fashion guru or you can call him the style doctor by name Uche Nnaji who is the owner of OUCHlets in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeira heard of his story and was really touched. He made known on social media than Abudulahi should be found because he just got himself a job offer.

And before we could say ABC, Abudulahi met with the style doctor with pictures which you will be seeing below and of course, thanks be to God, the rest they say is history.
 Fashion Institute Of Technology, New York trained Image Consultant, Uche who is also known for dressing President Muhammadu Buhari, has decided to take Abdulahi on as a pioneering student of his Style Institute and will see to it that he learns more about fashion, style and the art of dressing well.

He plans on returning back to school to finish his degree. 

No matter what your hands find to do, do it with all your strength and leave God to bless the works of your hands. 

He didn't choose robbery after dropping out or kidnapping but he chose a honest job and in the end his story ended in praise. 

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  1. 2moro is indeed pregnant, me i want t wake up in a new Buggatti

  2. Am happy for him,only God can change one's story overnight.


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