Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday Inspirations: So Many...


So many dreamers but no opportunity to bring that dream to life. 

So many voices but they are so low to be heard. 

So many ideas but they have all gone the drain because of fear that they might actually be stolen from the rightful owners or they might end up as an unprofitable hardwork if brought to life. 

So many thoughts of "let me try again" but the thought of multiple past disappointments and failures keep weighing you down.

So many first chances became their last chance. 

So many wounded hearts because of trust. 

So many promises broken because of trying too hard or "let me just say something to make him /her feel better" not knowing that those words were embedded in their hearts.
So many "I wish I could turn back the hands of time " because of wrong choices. 

So many means to help those you are more privileged than flushed down the toilet because of "I don't want him or her to be better than me tomorrow or he/she might pay me evil for my good deeds tomorrow ".

So many broken relationships because of inadequate communication. 

So many missed opportunities because of the lack to have tried a little harder.

So many lies told when the truth desperately needed to be told. 

So many rejected gifted minds and hands because they were looked down on.

So many innocent souls accused for crimes they didn't commit. 

...And the list goes on and on.

The question is, who will change all these? Who will amend the wrongs?

Things can only change for the better by continually hoping, trying even when it hard to do so, praying and choosing to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel waiting for you. 

It is not over until it is over. You might believe all hope is lost. You might think that there might never be a better end but the truth is there will be. The "so many" terrible things you have faced and have overcomed is just preparing you for Heights you never thought of attaining.

Dry your tears, wear a smile and choose to be happy. But remember, you will still need to shed more tears but this time around they will be tears of joy, tears of victory, tears of fulfilment, tears of "I am alive to say, I finally made it!"

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