Monday, 30 May 2016

Beyond Amazing! Seeing The Act Of Giving Through The Actions Of This 10 Year Old Beggar Will Make You Cry


I hope this below story of what this 10 year old beggar named Leila did melts your heart and inspires you greatly. ENJOY!

What this lady above from Ghana shared on facebook:
"Today i made a new friend...she is of those Fulani’s from Mali who beg for money in front of Accra mall

she approached me n smiled n spoke pidgin: antyy make u give me money make i buy food chop'..then i smiled back n said i hv not eaten since morn myself..
she asked if its true ...i said yhh...then she handed me all the coins she had in hand...i asked if she is sure i can use the money...she said yh i i counted n it ws js 1cedi 10p...told her it wont be enough...she asked me to wait for a min...she went to check wher she keeps her money n brot about 4cedis...then she said 5cds shd be enough to buy rice...n i told her i wld need water...she then asked me to wait so she begs ppl for money for me...after abt 10mins, (was waiting for someone)..she came back with 50p from her bro n said she can direct me to a canteen...i followed her...while engaging her in convo

Ppl js starred at us...others said i shdnt mind her...i told them she wasnt begging for money

I distracted her with ques while we waited...she is js 10yrs
Then i asked why she gave me all the money...she replied 'ibi u dey hungry anty, i go fit beg for money but u no go fit, so jst take am' this point i had tears in my eyes..n i know ppl were wonderong wht convo we were hving..

She asked tht i tk fotos of her n with her...
It was tooo sunny so they came out dark...then when my friend arrived she told her to mk sure i get food to eat...then i asked her to tk her money...she looked disappionted n asked why...i told her i js needed company while i waited...
I'm sure we ol av learnt somtin from this....''

Sometimes we believe that we can't give because we don't have enough or it may be used as to hurt us. But the truth is, those who give do so not because they have but because they know what it feels like to have nothing. And someone dear once said, ''I give and believe that what I have given won't be used to hurt me because if it is used then God's Word isn't true. He went ahead to say, I will always go back to God and say, ''Lord, I obeyed your word and gave and now my kindness was used against me, fight for me and let your word forever remain true''. POWERFUL RIGHT?

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  1. Really inspiring story from such a young girl.she didn't even think of herself.but wanted to give all that she had.

  2. I'm inspired but... Is that it? You gave her back her money. What next? Simply curious.

  3. So is this where the story ends

  4. This melt my heart. Oh dear lord.

    Chichi, whose piece is this? I doubt this isn't your original piece. If it is one of your reader's, kindly share his/her contact info with me. I have a word for him/her.

  5. This just touched me badly

  6. Powerful!...Mrs.Chidinma please how do i subscribe on my Android device to this blog. I do not see subscribe anywhere

  7. Lol @ Mrs Chidinma. Please call me Chidinma.
    After this post or any other post, please scroll down to where you see ''web version''. Kindly click on it and on the right side of the blog you will see where to subscribe for free.

    Thank you. *Hugs*


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