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7 Things To Do When You Are Bored/Idle


They say ''an idle mind is the devil's workshop''. One can be bored/idle either by having a long weekend or a long school vacation or being unemployed or by having an indefinite strike or a boring office leave or an unproductive day at work.

Most times, the only thing you can think of is just to eat, sleep and eat. Gradually unproductive thoughts creeps in, sadness, depression, comparison and you end up doing things you would regret in the long maybe by being in the wrong company or just doing unprofitable things. Like the popular saying, ''an idle mind is the devil's workshop''. When there is nothing to do, thoughts of what you normally would never do starts to crawl in and before you know it, it leads to actions...which you only will regret when it is too late. And it is always too late to cry when the head is off.

So, what can you do to cure your boredom or your idleness?
1) Read a book 

Yes, read a book. Reading a book might actually be the last thing on your mind. That is why it is important to get hold of interesting books that you might not what to put down.
Reading a book will not just keep you occupied, but it will also help you learn you words and it will improve your vocabulary.

Reading a book turns a boring day to a productive day. *Smiles*

A hint on how to get interesting books: Go for books with interesting authors or authors that take their readers along.

2) Cook

Cooking might be the very last thing on your mind. You say, how can I cook when I don't even know how to cook right? Or Cooking is the last thing I want to do now. I either sleep on my mind than cook. 

But the thing is this, how long do you want to stay on your bed? How long will you keep ordering in? Try cooking. It will be like an adventure (my story on cooking here >>> ) You might fail at first but the more you try the better you are at it.

You can't cook? No problem. You have data for browsing right? Why not surf the internet for how to cook certain foods? And then you carefully follow these steps and before you know it. You are becoming better in what you never thought you would or could do.

P.S- This tip is not for the ladies/women alone. Men are included.

By cooking, you turn an unproductive day to a productive day and you get to enjoy your day with your own meal. *Smiles*

3) Develop your talent/gift

I know you will be saying, wait what? Yes dear, you head or read me right. *Smiles*

You and you alone knows that the you are good at or derive so much joy in doing. Why don't you focus more on that thing? By researching more on it and doing it more.

It could be cooking, writing, telling stories, drawing, painting, singing, making videos, taking pictures etc. They say practice makes perfect right? Then practice, practice and practice till you become a genius in that area. You never can tell, you might start making money through your hobby. Just start ok? (A post on that here >>> ).

This automatically turns an unproductive day into a productive one. *Smiles*

4) Connect to the Supernatural  

Yes. Connect to the supernatural. When was the last time you read the holy book? When was the last thing you decided to hear from God through His word?

Spend time with God more by reading His word, praying and praising Him.

By doing this, you can kiss being unproductive for that day, goodbye. *Smiles*

5) Go out

This could be taking a stroll around the neighborhood, eat out, go to the movies or go to church.

By doing this, you are refreshing your mind and getting to see and feel nature. Also, you get to draw inspiration from what you saw and felt when you went out.

6) Tidy your surrounding

When you are bored/idle, laziness kicks in with full force. Most of the time, you might have one or two chores that are left undone. So, why don't you do it/them?

You might have dirty clothes or plates that needs to be washed or your grass needs to be trimmed or the toilet is a bit dirty or the floor needs to be neater than it currently is etc.

After getting your chores done or tidying your surrounding, you have this sense of accomplishment in that day.

7) Learn something new

It could be in form of learning a new language or learning how to play a piano or how to be a good photographer or how to make hair and makeup.

No one loses by learning something new. Like they, no knowledge is lost.

By doing this, you tend to turn being unproductive to adding a feather to your hat. *Smiles*

...There is always something to do when you are bored/idle. Don't allow the devil use your being bored or idle against you rather use it against him by turning your boredom/idleness to something productive. *Smiles*

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