Monday, 9 May 2016

6 Ways To Avoid Destroying Your Hair Edges (Updated)

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Many ladies/women have fallen victim of destroyed hair edges and most times due to actions that we were not aware of. This makes us to start reminiscing of those times we had full edges and we start to seek for solution from all angles.

I remember falling a victim of this when I thought I was doing things not knowing that I was doing everything wrong *Sad Face* However, after the deed is done, we can still correct them by doing the following:
1) Avoid parking your hair so tight whether it be your natural hair, your braids or any hairstyle at all.

2) Avoid making tight hairstyles. Many atimes we always want our front hair to be picked every single one of them but we fail to understand that we are gradually destroying our edges.

Solution- Rather than make sure your front hair is picked for plating, make sure your hairdresser creates little brush created before she begins to plait your hair. That is if you are braiding, fixing or making Ghana braids.

3) When you notice that your hair from the braids you have on are beginning to twist then it is time to loosen that hair. Because the longer you wait the more your hair twists and gradually your hair starts to pull out from your scalp.

4) Do protective hairstyles most of the time.

5) Always moisturize your scarp especially your edges with shea butter or a good hair cream.

6) Wrap your hair with a silky scarf before you sleep or use a pillow case & bed sheet with silky material.

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