Monday, 4 April 2016

There Is You...And Then There Is Envy


In this world that we live in, one thing is certain and inevitable and that is envy. Many may not be able to comprehend it but envy is real and if care is not taken it can lead to something worse...murder. It is no news to us that envy is the same thing as jealousy.

A wise woman once said ''never underestimate a jealous person''. Never underestimate the things a jealous person can do and the extent to which they can go...Because they can do and undo.

Every noticed that those you think are better than you
maybe in position etc or are more superior to you are envious of you for no good reason? Ever noticed that those you admire their expensive attires and possessions are envious of your wash and wear? Ever noticed that those you have nothing against wants to copy you and do everything humanly possible to be better than you or want to outshine you? And the list goes on and on.

...Many atimes you ask yourself why? What did I do wrong? But I was minding my business? But I have nothing in mind against anyone? But I always wish everyone well? But I always put in my best to be better than who I was yesterday not to be better than anyone? Why envy? Why all these strives? Why all are these contempts?

The truth is this, no one envies someone that isn't great. Those who envy you are envious of you because of the greatness in you. David was just a Shepherd boy who killed Goliath (a giant who happened to be a powerful warrior). But to him, he didn't take it as anything because he knew God did it all. However, King Saul didn't see it as that. King Saul was so envious of the Shepherd boy that he wanted to eliminate him at all cost. David kept asking himself what did he do wrong? Were has he gone wrong?

As long as the glory of God in the life of David couldn't be dimmed, the envy of Saul was inevitable. The sad part of it all was that, the more God made David shine, the more envious Kin Saul became till he (Saul) had to end his own life (I Samuel 17 - 1 Samuel 31).

What is the point of this whole story?

Many who fell victim of envious colleagues, friends, neighbours, superiors etc most times fall into great depression (depression: a slow but deadly poison here >>> .) and they end up hating their lives. They question their worth and they most times fall victims of being bullied.

The great news is this, for the glory of God to be resting and shining upon you means that same glory is shielding you from all and every form of evil. Raise your head and your shoulder up and carry yourself like the royal that you are or else your crown will slip. BUT, do not fail to always go back on your knees and ask God to also rest is glory on those who are envious of you so that everyone can shine together.

Do your part by being good. Pray for those who want to harm you and leave the rest for God. God didn't make a mistake by shining His glory your way so don't make a mistake by feeling like or telling God that you do not deserve it because of the hate you are getting it.

Smile, you are a great! Smile, because God got your back! Smile, because it will end it praise. Victory is forever yours. You are a winner.

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