Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The 16 Things You Really Need To Know About Coconut Oil


I constantly keep hearing about coconut oil for years now and some of the things I hear are: it helps keep one's hair soft and healthy. It keeps the skin looking beautiful. It also prevents pregnant women from having stretch marks when pregnant if applied daily.

Even in 2016, people are still talking about coconut oil. I said to myself, I can't carry last in Nigeria. Let me do my own research about  this famous oil and here are the things I found out:
1) To those that love wearing makeup, did you know that coconut oil can serve as an eye remover?

2) For lower cholesterol in foods, did you know that you can use coconut oil in place of butter when baking or cooking?

3) Did you know that coconut oil helps kill yeast infection?

4) Did you know that the application of coconut oil  to skin infection/injury heals them faster?

5) Ran out of conditioner? Not to worry, coconut oil is a great substitute for it.

6) Did you know that the level of insulin in your body can be greatly improved by taking coconut oil?

7) Men, did you just run of your shaving cream? Don't feel too sad because coconut oil serves as a great substitute for it.

8) Want that weight in your body to go faster than you can think of? Then why not start taking coconut oil daily.

9) Having unbearable chicken box itches ? Why not apply coconut oil to help reduce those you itching? 

10) Coconut oil helps prevent you from having wrinkles, skin dryness, sagging skin and your skin flaking. No wonder most spa centres make use coconut oil for their massages. 

11) Are you tired of how unhealthy and unflattering your hair looks? Why not improve the state of your hair by regularly applying coconut oil to it.

12) Try using coconut oil to cook and watch how you kiss digestion problems goodbye.

13) Did you know that coconut oil helps reduce hunger? How? Because it makes you eat less *Smiles*

14) Did you know that the consumption of coconut oil helps kill deadly micro-organisms in your body?

15) Does your baby have cradle cap? Why not try removing it by applying coconut oil to it?

16) Want to sleep better? Then try consuming coconut oil daily. *Smiles*

With the above, I am more than convinced to get myself a bottle of coconut oil. I hope you are too? *Smiles*

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