Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How Easy Will It Be For You To Find The 6 Words In This Picture?


How easy can you find the 6 words in this picture? Let's test our attention to details skill shall we? I found 5 out of 6. Who can find the 6 words in this picture?
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  1. 1) The door that has a hat hanging on it, next to it is a picture, if you look closely the word HUNGRY is spelt on it.
    2) On top of the piano that is coloured white and purple, if you look closely you will see the word PARTY
    3) The waitress is holding a drink that is about to spill, look closely on that drink about to spill and you will find the word RED
    4) The lady with the orange hair wearing a purple top, look closely on the lines of her hair, you will find the word YUMMY
    5) The man sitting in front of the woman wearing purple, on his blue trouser, the word USID is spelt on it.

    That's pretty much all I could find.

  2. Cheese is on top of the piano, on the tiny umbrella

  3. cheese is on top of the piano , on the tiny umbrella . i guessed thats the sixth

  4. Wow @Anonymous thank you!!! I saw double E and S but I just couldn't figure it out.

    Thank you so much!!!


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