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Friday Inspirations: How God Meets Needs


There is something called mystery which is more or less synonymous to secrets and the only key to unlocking them is knowledge. 

Many atimes we are in so much lack that we get to wonder, in this state of lack that we are in, it is definitely only a miracle that can take place for everything to be better. However, the secret on how God meets needs is very simple... Ok, Chidinma how?
A wise man once said, that the word of God i.e the Holy Bible is like the will of a very wealthy man. And you can only know what you inherited from this man by reading His will. That said, recently, I read a very interesting passage in the bible and became really inspired and excited to share it with you. 

Now, how does God meet needs? Simple... through us, around us or within us. might be saying, Chidinma, what's the meaning of this? Wait let me break it down for you. 

In John 6, a great multitude followed Jesus. Jesus needed this people to be fed but no matter how much they had at the moment, it will not be enough to provide food for everyone. The interesting thing about this was that even Jesus knew this.

Now in the midst of that great multitude, a young boy  (around Jesus) had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. Jesus took the loaves of bread and fishes, blessed and shared them to everyone. Everyone meaning 5000 men plus women and children. This was when a miracle happened. 

That 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes that were only meant for one boy became a meal that was more than enough for over 5000 people i.e 5000 men plus women and children to the extent that 12 full baskets of these breads and fishes remained!!!


God will always use something within you (your talent, your brain etc), through you (your resources or possession) or around you (people that are around you or people that you least expected) to meet your needs. 

Let's look at more examples. When there was no more wine at the wedding of Canaan, Jesus used what was around Him (jars of water at the wedding) to meet the needs of the wedding by turning water into wine. 

God used Naman's housekeeper (around him) to heal him of his leprosy. The housekeeper told him to go and meet Elisha who will cure him of his leprosy. He humbled himself and went which led to healing.  

The widow of Sapphire, God used something she had (through her) which was her little jar of oil to provide enough meal for her and her family. 

Sometimes, we might not know who or what God will use to meet our needs and sometimes, we might be who God will use to meet other people's needs. 
You might be thinking, but what I have can never be enough that is why I am in dare need (Vs 9). Why not leave that for God to take care of? That is why God is stepping in to do what you cannot do because He and He alone is God.

Why not allow Him take care of your impossibilities while you take a chill pill? Don't worry, it will surely end in praise. *Smiles*

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