Friday, 8 April 2016

Do You Think It Is Ideal To Have A List Of What We Want Or Expect Our Future Partners To Be?


Many atimes when people are asked what are you looking for in a partner and you most times get a long list of things they want or expect the man or woman to be. Everyone or most people are guilty of this.

Most times you hear things like, my future partner must be tall, fair, slim, beautiful or handsome, must have figure 8 or 6 packs, must own a house, he or she must be driving a fancy car, he or she must be earning 6 figures salary, he must be wealthy, he or she must be a foreigner etc.

The question now is, is it ideal to have such a list when looking or considering who to date or marry? What do you think? Let's inspire someone out there.

I am of the opinion
that, there is nothing wrong in having a list. There is nothing wrong in setting a standard of who you want to end up with. However, many atimes, our list are based on what we want and not we need and God gives us what we need before He gives of what we want.

The truth is this, having a list most times blinds us on the great person standing in front of us. If this person doesn't meet up, he or she isn't the one. Because of this list we tend to miss out. But I also feel that if what is in your list are things you need and genuinely desire from and of your partner, God will give you that person. 

God knows what we need in a partner more than we do and He always exceed our expectations. That's why we need to consult Him before dating or marrying someone and wait for Him to answer. 

This is what I feel though. I however might be wrong, that is why I need your views on this topic. What do you think?

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  1. There is nothing wrong in setting standards of what we expect of our partners, but you can't have everything in one one is perfect

  2. Well, it's not advisable to expect too much from your future partner. But I have a set of certain standards sha.. No 1: He musn't be a scorpio or pisces


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