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A Blog Reader Needs Your Advice On Her Relationship With Her Ghanaian Boyfriend


Please read and advice. Let's inspire someone as regards her relationship life:

Morning my friend,

I really like your blog. You inspire me a lot. God bless you always.

I have a question for you. Please I need help. I know you are from Nigeria but you will help a lot because I think you better than me.

Where I am working, many experts are coming to work there. I started dating a man who is a Ghanaian, We are dating for almost 2 years now,
My question is since his contract ended and he went back to his country and get another contract to Namibia, He does not send
me anything I mean anything even if I ask him to buy and send something to me.

I asked him why he won't send anything to me he never gives me a tangible answer. He has a daughter with another woman from his country, and whenever we talk, all he says is, he miss having sex with me and my breasts. I honestly don't need that from him. I just need him to tell me if he will marry me on not because I am 28yrs old now and when a girl reach that age normally she must have a family or planning to do so. He however can't even answer whether he wants to marry me or not. I am so confused my friend.

The biggest question in my mind is why he does he not want to break up with me? Or does he want me to say so? Please do share on your blog

Please will you be so kind to tell me about Ghanaian men and their characters? May be I will understand him better?

I asked you because I know you are a married woman now and your advice will go a long way. Please I love him a lot.

I asked her if I could share it on the blo to hear more opinions and advice as I have never really had any relationsip with a Ghanaian man before but I would put her as anonomyous. 
She said she would love that because she needs all the advice she possibly could get. 

Dear friend as you have called me *Smiles* I will say that from what you have written, it is obvious your boyfirend doesn't love you. He just wants to sleep with you. Also, how sure are you that he is not married and you are the side chick?

Please dear, I feel you deserve better that this. I really do and I honestly do wish you the very best. I would also love for you to read this post >>>  I feel you should keep yourself for your usband cos you never can tell who wants to be with you just to sleep with you. 

I will stop here and allow other readers to advice you appropriately. I hope you get inspired by their advice.  

Yours Truly,


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  1. At 28 you should know better, this ur relationship doesn't sound healthy, btw you shouldn't be asking a guy for money or gift, learn to be an independent goes a long way in making you feel like a real woman and your guy will respect you too

  2. i honestly think he doesn't love her........the story is too glaring

  3. Love can really put you in difficult situations but you need GODs Grace to open your eyes.It's really glaring he just liked your body not you, he has a family that he is happy with
    .and obviously you should not associate with a married man anymore okay it's biblically wrong and socially unacceptable, let him be , try to move on with Gods help you would meet the man of your dreams, I get your not getting younger but it's best not to be a side chick and suffer later... rather end up with the man that will take you as a princess

    1. Dear Anonymous, I love you for this comment. 
      You've told it all. 

      "‎Any relationship is under the control of the person who cares the least. When relationships end it is typically because of unmet expectations or one person is not feeling love or cherished by the other. For relationships to grow and last both members have to be equal with the love they give; and both should do it, not because they think they have to do it, but because they want to do it." (‎this is an excerpt from one of my articles)

      Now, let me be a bit sarcastical but realistic‎: Contractor? Wait a moment! Did you say Contractor? (in Nigeria English this kind of imbroglio is what we call "chop and clean mouth"). They always have  girlfriend(s) in every location of contracts. Did I say girlfriends?! Oh! I mean f*ckmates actually. When you are constantly on 'their' f*ck list, that tells a lot how easy you are to wheedle or probably you got a honey down there. You know what I mean?! **scratch head

      Ask the 'deal' question dear and know if to take a walk. ‎ 

  4. If he doesn't want to break up with you, then you break up with him,this your relationship is not healthy abeg,more over learn to be independent.

  5. Ahhhhh mogbe!if only she had a friend like me oooh! Ahhhhhh woooooo


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