Wednesday, 27 April 2016

12 Posts Many Ask Me To Inspire People On But Didn't Know I Already Have

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I frequently get asked to publish a post on certain things to inspire people about them but I always say ''but I have published a post on them before, just use the blog's search engine and you will find them and many more there''. Their reply is always, when did you publish a post on that? Because I have seen all or most of your posts. Lol. 

Of recent, on Monday to be precise, I received a ping asking me to publish a post on some topics and I said but I have already done that. So I decided to take out time to revisit some of these posts again. If what you were looking for is among the below mentioned, ENJOY and I hope you get inspired by it. If not, please send me a mail on it and I will do the needful. ENJOY and Be Inspired.

1) A post on crop top :

Different ways to look glamorous and chic on crop top  >>> 

2) A post on fan vs AC

3) A post on Africans with natural sapphire eyes  

4) A post on friendship 

5) A post on albino animals 

6) A fashion post on scarves


7) A post on the happiest animal in the world

8) A post on how to prepare native soup: bitter leaf soup

step by step guide on how to prepare bitter leaf soup (ofe onugbu) >>> 

9) A post on moringa

14 reasons why you need to eat moringa leaves (the miracle tree) more >>> 

10) A post on what my advice will be to a teenager 

11) How animals sleep 

12 unbelievable and shocking facts about how animals sleep >>> 

13) Colour blocking with your home decorations  
12 exquisite colour blocking interior home designs >>> 

Be Inspired

Please if there are some topics you want me to publish a post on, please do let me know and if it as already been published, I will let you know or send you the link to it. 

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  1. Most of this post are not new to me,but will happily re visit them

  2. Cool posts. I missed a few sha, thanks for sharing


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