Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Who Do You Think Women Dress To Look Good For?


I was watching an interview of recent and a woman was asked by a female interviewer who she dressed to look good for? The interviewer said me of course...that is her fellow women. And the woman's significant other said, No Way! She dressed to look good for me and me alone. The woman contradicted it though.

So I throw this question to the men, who do you think women dress to look good for? And to the women, who do you dress to look good for? My answer to this question below:
I may not be able to answer for others but I will answer for myself. I dress to look good for myself honestly. I dress to always look and feel like the Queen that I am.

Many might say, NO! You are only supposed to dress to look good for your significant other.
The thing is this, it is not ALL the time  that you as a lady/woman go out with your significant other. So does that mean that whenever you go out without your partner, you dress rugged?

Will it not be nice if when you step out without your significant other, people that know two of will tell your partner, I saw your woman the other day and she was really looking like a Queen. Her dressing was extraordinary? Will it not be nice for your partner to know that in his presence or absence, you will always step out making him proud with your dressing?

And when you dress to look good for yourself, you are directly dressing to look good for your partner. Your dressing will always respect his decision of what he likes and doesn't like you to wear in his presence or absence.

Some say, women dress to look good for social media or for their fellow women or for their partners etc. I don't know, that is why I would love for us to make this interactive. Who do you think women dress to look good for?

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