Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Test Your Attention To Detail Skill- Can You Spot The 13 Differences In This Picture?


Let's test our attention to detail skill again. I was able to spot 13 differences in the above picture. It could be more than 13 but I believe it is 13.

So who can spot these differences? ENJOY!

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  1. Only saw 4 and don't even know how to start listing them.

  2. 1) the time 2) the picture with something looking a green mountain 3) the cupboard handle 4) under the cupboard, the blue vase or bowl was replaced 5) the right side of the cat's ear, they are 2 circle frames, one of it has a smiling face 6) in front of the cat, on the blue bowl, there are 2 chickens on top of the green food 7) on the grey tray, the yellow square like cookie was replaced with the light brown cookie 8) the bananas are 3 not 2 anymore 9) there is a red arrow like ribbon on. The old woman's hair 10) her white collar is designed differently 11) the girl is wearing a socks 12) the cat is holding sweet instead of spoon 13) the lines if the down layer cake with pink icing are different 14) the girl isn't bringing out her tongue in the second picture.

    Yes! I found one more. 14 instead of 13. *dancing*


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