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One Secret You Need To Know About Cooking Plus My Life Experiences


It is no secret that I try to publish posts on food recipes (links to them are listed at the end of this post). However, cooking might not be everyone's favourite thing to do. I hope after reading this post, you will get inspired to start cooking. 

One Saturday morning few years ago, I and a bachelor friend of mine got talking on bbm (BlackBerry Messenger) and he said that he was hungry but he is tired of constantly having to go to an eatery to buy food. I said ok, can you cook? He said no. I said ok, can you tell me what you have in your kitchen at the moment?
He listed everything He had in terms of food ingredients. I remember he said he had rice and other food ingredients like maggi etc. I said, ok, lets cook. Let's work with what you have. I will be giving you directions on what to do and how to do it. Let's prepare joll of rice (here is a post on how to prepare it >>> )

And within an hour he cooked joll of rice for the first time. He was shocked and excited at the same time. A week later, he sent me a picture of joll of macaroni that he just finished preparing. But this time, the food was well garnished with more ingredients. 

Now what happened here? He tried cooking for the first time and decided to practice it again. The more he cooked, the more he became better at it. 

Am I the best cook? I won't say I am because there are still many foods I do not know how to prepare but I am more than willing to learn. I remember the first time I cooked. I was 13 years old. The eba I prepared was an apology. When you try holding it in your hand, the ones that hot water didn't touch will be pouring from your hands like rain. LOL. But I continued making it. The more I did, the better I was at it.   

I can also remembered the first time I prepared joll of beans. The beans was half done. It lacked water. It got burnt...This was even the mother of all apologies. LOL. But I kept at it and now, I can prepare various recipes from beans. 

So my dear, if you are reading this and you feel cooking is not for you or you don't know how to cook, why don't you try taking a giant step and JUST COOK? That's the one secret to cooking you need to know. The more you cook, the  better you are at it. The more you cook, the more you find various ways on how to prepare that particular dish. 

If you feel those who can cook are better than you because you don't know how to. I want to tell you that they were all once like you. Please don't let anyone intimate you because your cooking is bad. They all started like you. 

COOK COOK COOK...And in no distant future, you will be in charge of preparing Christmas main course or birthday meals etc. It all starts from trying. It all starts from practising.

So, let's put on our cooking hats and be the best we can be in the kitchen. *Smiles*

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  1. Are there really people that don't know how to cook? Whoa it's a wonderful experience to try


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