Saturday, 12 March 2016

Arts That Are Too Real To Actually Be Called Art By Oresegun Olumide



Before I start I would really love to say, I am sorry for the one week hiatus. I needed a few days off to sort some things out. *hugs*

This could post could have been under celebrating talent in our Friday Inspirations forum. But nevertheless, this talent cannot just wait to be published next week Friday. This talent is just beyond me. The artist is a Nigerian by the name Oresegun Olumide and his drawings are what every Nigerian  or everyone can relate to.

Could you believe that these are oil paintings? I am beyond speechless even as I write this. I am so glad that this artist is been celebrated. CNN even had to share his work.

than continue, let's be mesmerised and also greatly inspired by these arts that are so so real to be called art. ENJOY!

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  1. Where have you been, please try to update the blog.welcome back. The pictures are lovely indeed, actually saw some on Instagram.

  2. You are forgiven madam hiatus. Hehe. Please when are you bringing us the wedding pictures?

    Most of these arts are too real to be true. Wow! Kudus to the artists


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