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AKAINE KRAMARIK... A Child Prodigy


I would like to make my recent inconsistencies in blogging up to you by publishing posts in days I don't normally blog hence my blogging today. *hugs*

AKAINE KRAMARIK is a child prodigy. A child prodigy is a someone who is less tan 10 years old but does things only an adult expert can do.  AKAINE KRAMARIK is currently 21 years of age. She started doing big things at the age of 4.

According to AKAINE KRAMARIK, God spoke to her at the age of 4 and told her to draw and also paint her visions. She  draws and paints nature, children and spiritual things but her main drawings and paintings are from her visions from heaven and her personal connections with God. She currently has 800 literary works, 200 art works
and 2 best selling books under her belt.

At the age of 12, AKAINE KRAMARIK had already 60 big paintings and even sold some of her works to Singapore US Embassy. She earned $10,000 from her first ever completed self portrait. Though most of her income goes to charities.

Below are some of her paintings:

Some of her paintings of Heaven

The Prince of Peace.
She drew this at the age of 8  

Her painting of Holy Mary.
She drew this at the age of 12

Her painting of an Angel

In her gallery

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  1. This is indeed an inspiring story of what God can do through anybody even babies. Akaine has set a world class example not just for children but also for parents to help in the development of their children's talents and abilities. Thank u Chidinma!

  2. You are welcome dear. I am glad you were inspired by it.


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