Wednesday, 30 March 2016

4 Easy Ways To Looking So Much Younger Than Your Age


Many will do anything to look younger than their age why many will give anything up to either look older than their age or look their age. Everyone has different preference in life. However today, we will be inspiring those who wants to look younger than their actual age at all cost.

We meet certain people at times and when they tell us their real age, we are left with no choice than to scream! Because they look so much younger than us but in actual fact they are way older than we are. It is no secret how offended we get when people approach us for the first time or people who don't really know us and they go ''wow your younger sister or brother looks so much like you'' But guess what you are the younger one!!! Frustrating right?
But not to worry here are 4 easy ways for us to start looking. To some people, it is a gene thing and for others they worked hard for it. When you ask those who worked for theirs, they will affirm to these 4 things and they are:

1) Drink more water daily
2) Moisturise more. Apply cream in your face, neck, hands, legs...all over your body mainly after bathing.
3) The best of them all...Smile more
4) Eat vegetables and fruits more

Easy right?

The truth is this, exercise makes us look younger than our age but if the above mentioned isn't included...deep down we know and feel that something is missing. Correct?

I hope you include these in your daily life from now on and in no time watch how you start to look younger than your actual age.

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