Wednesday, 30 March 2016

12 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Mangoes Than You Do Now


When people ask me, ''Chidinma what is your favourite fruit?'' I always say I do not have one because I like and practically eat all fruits. But now that Mango is in season, there is just this joy I feel inside once I sit mango. So yes, I have come up with my favourite fruit and it is MANGO! *Dancing*

I have heard that mango makes one lose so much weight. I always say, don't all fruits? But if you want your system to flush out most of the fats in your body fast, then live on mangoes for few days and experience it yourself. *Smiles* One reason why you should take mangoes. Interesting right?

Let's find out more reasons shall we?
2) Did you know that the regular eating of mango gives you a more improved skin?

3) Did you know that mangoes help fighting diabetes?

Please find here >>>   a more detailed post on diabetes.

4) Did you know that eating mangoes help in improving ones eye sight?

5)Yes, you guessed right. Mangoes help in alkalizing your entire body system.

6)  Research shows that the regular eating of mangoes helps in preventing cancer.

7) Yes friend, mango aids digestion.

8) Did you know that mangoes helps in the regulation of ones blood pressure?

9) Presently, the weather is 100% hot for those in Nigeria or in some African countries. But did you know that making a mango juice immediately helps cool off the heat in your body? And no you do not need cold water for that, warm water will be just fine.

10) Did you know tat eating mangoes is considered as a great way of reducing kidney stones?

11) Women seeking for what to eat that as loads of iron in it...Well not to worry anymore. Just grab yourself some mangoes and enjoy your iron filled fruit *smiles*

12) Are you finding it difficult to concentrate or focus while studying? Why don't you eat a mango or two and watch how the rate of your concentration increases.

With all the above mentioned, it is right to say you should increase the level of your mango intake right?


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  1. I never knew mango had such health benefits. Thanks for sharing this. Now, I know what to do with this juicy fruit.

  2. Why are you doing this to me? I love love mangoes.wish I have some already, lol


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