Wednesday, 10 February 2016

You Are Royalty!


I shared this on my twitter page  and I thought I should share it here to inspire us as well: 

Many say don't act like who you are not. But to be a King you have to behave like a King before you become one. You have to:
1) Reason like a King 2) Talk like a King
3) Act like a King

4) Carry yourself like a King

You are a King and a Queen. You don't have to wait before you are enthroned to start acting like one. Like they say, dress like the job you want before you get the job.

Always carry yourself with dignity and confidence. Let your words enlighten others. Let your actions build & not destroy...Good morals

With or without your knowledge, you are the bible many read. Make sure your actions speaks well of you and of the God you serve. You can't be serving God and your actions are saying something else.

Back to it all... Behave like the King/Queen that you are. Always carry yourself as though there is an invisible crown on your head.

Others are doing it doesn't mean you should. Many might say, it is just for laughs.
Some say, the life of the Royals are boring. Really? But why do many aspire to be like them? Why do many even those that said they are boring talk about them and wish they were them?

So, if it doesn't speak well of you or the crown on your head, then you shouldn't be doing it in the first place. Always remember, you are Royalty and you are the bible others read.

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  1. Beautiful. I'm a king. And I dominate. I'm the seed of Abraham, therefore, my life is only forward and upward.


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