Wednesday, 17 February 2016

What Complaining Does To Our Relationship With Others


The sad truth is this, constant complaining creates a big distance between us and people. If within 10 minutes of having a conversation with someone, we must complain about something mostly about our condition/circumstance then we need to put ourselves on check.

We can do a personal

challenge for a week & see how it makes us feel.

The challenge is this...Anytime we have the urge to complain about something, about yourself or about someone just find something good to praise them for.

Complaining gives us the tag "madam/uncle complainer". Complaining diminishes the moral of people around us.

Complaining makes people always see the bad in us or in who/what we are constantly complaining about. Don't get me wrong, one need to complain once in a while when things aren't right or when you don't like something.

But it shouldn't be what everyone should know us for. If not, people may tend to always avoid us cos no one wants to be around someone who brings in bad moral or demotivation.

Complain to God instead than to people. Pour out your hearts to God till there is nothing to pour out.

Live a life of praise. Live a life of thanksgiving.
It not only boosts our moral, faith and energy, it also boosts that of others.

So, Complain less, Praise more.

Don't let people know you as someone who complains always but as someone who praises always. Complains opens you up to many temptations while praise not all avoids temptations for you it also resolves most if not all your problems.

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  1. Do I even have that. Time to complain? It has never done any good, so I stopped a long time ago.


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