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From Hawking Bread For A Living To A Model Every Nigerian Is Talking About


agege bread seller

This is a story that affirms the statement ''that God orders the footsteps of His children''. The woman pictured above is a mother of two who hawks bread for a living. Her name is Olajumoke Orisaguna. What is so special about this woman you say? Please read on...

Olajumoke was busy doing what she does every other day...hawking her bread while a renowned photographer TY Bello was taking pictures of a celebrity, Tinie Tempah (the man you see above) without her knowledge of what was going on she like they say photo bombed the picture.
After the pictures came out, the photographer was astonished to see the outcome of the shoot. Everyone thought this woman is a model who was told to carry bread as though she was hawking them when the pictures surfaced online.

TY Bello thought to herself that this is a model in the making if given the right opportunity. She immediately sent her assistant to go back to the location were the photo shoot was taken to make enquiries about the bread seller.


She was finally found. TY Bello immediately contacted the big guns in the fashion and make up industry to dress her up to look like the Queen that she is. 

A week or few weeks later she became a cover girl. 

Olajumoke Ty Bello 1
Olajumoke Ty Bello 3
Her and her daughter 
Olajumoke Ty Bello 2

Olajumoke Ty Bello 7

She recently got signed to a modelling agency
Olajumoke Models 2

As I write this, CNN is covering Olajumoke's story. She hawked bread to a location that changed her life forever. 

She might have passed that placed every single day but that particular day the photo shoot was going on was a life changing day for her. She might have wanted to give up but she never did. She kept pushing through for survival until her breakthrough came. 

This is a story of God's favour. Amazing things happen when you are at the right place at the right time.  She was doing something when destiny called. Please don't fold your arms and wait for a miracle to knock at your door. Make an effort like Olajumoke did and soon...very very soon your own life changing story will manifest. 

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  1. This is so inspiring. I got so emotional that a tear dropped...
    God is never asleep ...undermining time, what will be will be.
    Lord God, meet everyone that visits this blog at the point of their various need in Jesus name.

  2. God indeed works in mysterious way,so happy for her.

  3. when GOD decides to lift you up, no man can stop him


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