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Friday Inspirations: What Marriage Is Really All About


Many are of the opinion that when ''I get married, all these unnecessary hustling will be over. I will sit and cross my legs on my throne in my space as the Queen or King of this empire''.

Many are also of the opinion that ''I must marry a very affluent man or woman or one who comes from an affluent home so that I can start living like the Royal that I was born and created to live like''. 
All these are great and tremendous they say, great thoughts always amount to great reality. But in actual fact, you have to fold your sleeves and work hard for that marriage and empire you crave for.

Your parents or parents in laws are very affluent doesn't mean you are affluent. Your parents/parents in laws worked tirelessly to own whatever it is they have today. Many might have cost them uncountable sleepless nights, sleeping and waking up with tears, unending worries, plenty rising and falling, several NOs, multiple betrayals etc. But they eventually built their empire with all these stones that were thrown at them. 

I am also sorry to burst your bubble but your parents money isn't yours except through inheritance. And you of course don't want them to die just for you to inherit their wealth. Besides, what makes you think that you will get to inherit that/those things you  thought you would?

Many also believe that because I married a rich man or woman, I am automatically rich...fair enough. But if all you do or plan on doing is receive and receive and not give anything in return...then one probably needs to wake up from fantasy land. 

It is true that marriage means 1 + 1 = 1. But it doesn't mean that you will enter into a marriage and plan on not improving anything at all. Change takes time to happen but that doesn't mean that one won't be working on those change before it finally happens. 

What I am trying to say in a nutshell is this, if you marry a rich man or woman (someone who has it ''all''), you still have to add a thing or two to his/her wealth. Adding a thing or two might not be in terms of money but in wisdom, being a better person...character or personality wise etc. 

Some might be say ''if he or she already has it ''all'' what else do I need to do other than just sit back and eat what was made for me to enjoy?''. But the truth is that, it is impossible, I repeat impossible for someone to have it all. If they had it all, there won't be any need to get married, right? If they had it all, there won't be any need for them to daily crave to be better at what they do and in who they are, right? And you sure don't want to wake up one morning to be called a liability right?

If he or she was rich, together you can be richer and grow to become very prosperous right? So it is not all about relaxing and enjoying. The empire you desire won't appear from the sky to your desired location rather it will take you building it up one stone after the other. 

Therefore fold your sleeves, get your and busy. Remove your eyes from your parents or parents-in-laws or your husband's or wife's wealth and work hard to have OUR OWN WEALTH. 

...It is all about working and growing as a team. It is all about being the best you can a team.

Be Inspired.

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  1. True hard for your self.

  2. True advise. The receive, receive has never be my mentality. I don't even think of what I will get from someone rather what I will give.
    Thanks for igniting some hope here.

    Hey, still holding on to your wedding pictures. The second I read marriage, I said to myself, 'finally, Chi don post the wedding pix' lol.
    Mrs... do something oo


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