Friday, 26 February 2016

Friday Inspirations: Celebrating Talent Episode 10- Fairy Tale Palm Paintings By Svetlana Kolosova


Sometimes, your talent might not make sense to people. They keep saying within themselves, what in the world is this one doing. But when you keep at it, when you constantly seek for ways to be better at what you do, soon you will prove them wrong and they will gather together to celebrate you.

Every talent is unique and priceless. Celebrating talent is a forum in our Friday Inspirations special were we celebrate the talents of people and also encourage others to keep working on their unique gifts in the no distant future, they will also be celebrated. 

Today we will be celebrating the talent of a very gifted artist. He specialises in fairy tale palm paintings. Interesting right? Below coupled with the above pictures are some of the awesome works of this unique artist. ENJOY and Be Inspired. 

Be Inspired.

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  1. They're indeed gifted

  2. Wow. OMG. This is so creative.
    Oh poor girl suffering a broken heart; @the wedding painting.
    Hope it's not what I'm thinking?!


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