Monday, 29 February 2016

Do You Want To Make God Laugh?


I recently shared this on my Facebook and Twitter but I needed to share it here to inspire someone who hasn't seen this. I feel someone needs to read this. 

Do you want to make God laugh? Then tell Him your plans.

Our plans are ALWAYS different from God's plans & only His will can & will be done.

Plan ahead but always hand everything over to God. Like His word always says "His thoughts are to give us an expected end".

That expected end that we always desire, that God's plan but it might not
be when we want it or how we want it.
But always know that God's desire is that it ends in praise for you.

However it is never how or when we want it but how & when He wants it.

That's why it is popularly said "if you want God to laugh then tell Him your plan (s).

His will and His will alone be done.

It will end in praise.

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