Monday, 8 February 2016

7 Ideas On The Special Thing You Could Do This Valentine's Day


It's less than 7 days until Valentines day and most people are all about this day already...Many can't wait for this day to come. Great planing, shopping and selection of gift items are in progress. But to be honest, if you love others as you love yourself then everyday is a valentine's day.

That said, when we want to celebrate val's day, we always want it to be special and flawless. However, many atimes we are clueless as to what and what we can do this val's day to make it great, special and fun. 

Well, I have come up with 7 Ideas On The Special Thing You Could Do This Valentine's Day. I hope this helps. ENJOY!
  1) Staying at home to eat a good cooked meal 

2) Eating at a fancy restaurant 

3) Spoiling the less privileged with gifts

4) A beach outing

5) Watching a movie at the cinema

6) Having a weekend getaway

7) Talk about Jesus to others

What we will do this valentine's day? Is any of the above mentioned among the things you will be doing? Kindly share with us let's inspire others. 

I hope the list inspired you in one way on some ideas on what you could do this val's day. 


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