Saturday, 16 January 2016

Which Is Healthier To Sleep With- AC or Fan?


Sleeping with either AC (air conditioner) or fan is 100% better than sleeping in a room without any i.e. a room were the atmosphere is really hot. Be that as it may, there have been many speculations that it is healthier to sleep with the AC on than with the fan on. Many on the other fan believes that sleeping with the fan on is healthier. 

Now I throw this question to you beautiful people, which
is healthier to sleep with- AC or fan? Let's inspire one another to live, look and feel healthy.

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  1. I've been sleeping in AC since december

  2. Ac is OK,but might need to cover up later.

  3. Lol...its fan I have o, so fan on the highest but if I had ac...sure ac for the

    1. Fan on the highest dear? Don't you encounter pains sometimes when you wake up?

      to you dear, fan or AC right?


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