Wednesday, 20 January 2016

What It Takes To Get Mr Right Or Mrs Right


It is no longer a hidden fact that there are many rules and regulations or guidelines on how to get that man you so desire to be yours or on how to get the lady of your dreams to say yes to you. Many believe that you have to be certain person or act certain way or do certain things for you to be Mr or Mrs Right.

However, the sad truth is that no matter how much you try
, if that person doesn't desire you as much as you desire them, no matter what you do, you will never be good enough and you will just never get things right the way they want.

It is commonly believed that a lady who doesn't know how to cook can never get a good husband hence the reason why many condemn. criticise and backlash those who don't. Yes, cooking should be one of the many things a woman should know how to do but in a situation where she doesn't know how, does that mean that she won't get married or better still get to have a long lasting marriage?

Have you heard of the legendary Nollywood actor and actress, Olu Jacob and Joke Siliva who have been married for some decades now? Did you know that Joke Siliva doesn't cook? Yet her marriage to her dear husband keeps on blossoming by the day. 

Many also believe that you must be sexually active with your partner before they can agree to be with you or say yes to you. Who says all these things? The truth is this, 90% of people does it, doesn't mean that everybody does. And how sure are you that after everything, they won't end up choosing Mr B as their Mr right or Miss B as their Mrs right?

One thing about finding the right person is that he/she can only be gotten from God. God will make your paths cross one way or the other and if he/she is the right person for you, you will know. Everything in you will be in agreement. 

Sometimes, you keep telling yourself, that this lady or that this guy is the one but in your heart of hearts, you know he/she isn't the one. You just want to him/her to be at all cost. The sad thing is that forever is a long time to be in regret. 

There are many rules to get and keep a man/woman as we have already stated the only rule that will never fade yourself. Allow him/her to fall in love with the real you and if he/she loves you for who you are and you have found peace within you that this is the one, then you have just gotten your Mr/Mrs Right. 

Don't be who you are not to get Mr/Mrs Right because when the chips are down, who you are not won't save you... who you are will. 

In no time, your Mr Right or Mrs Always Right (a woman is always right for peace to reign...Lol) will be standing right next to you holding your hands in victory. 

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  1. I feel a bit relaxed reading this particular article, not tht im happy i dont know how to cook so well but som1 out there made it work despite that so its good to know Mr. Right aint gotto be all about you Chidinma

    1. I am extremely glad you were inspired dear.

      I love the fact that you said you can cook though not so well. All you have to do dear is to be better at it. Cooking is all about practice. The more you practice the better you are at it. What if you fall in love with someone that likes his woman cooking for him? Lol

      All the best dear

  2. I'm looking for mrs right......and i love food and hmmmm lol! truly inspiring< thank u for the post


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