Friday, 15 January 2016

Stylish, Comfortable And Sophisticated Foot Wear- Sandals



I so much love it when a post on fashion inspires men and women at the same time just like this one. Sandals have pretty much become one of my favourite foot wears. I still love my pumps but honestly, comfort over everything. 

Many believe that as a lady or as a man you can't wear a pair of sandals and still be stylish, comfortable and sophisticated either to a causal or formal (depending on how formal) or semi-formal events. I hope the pictures below convinces you on that. ENJOY and Be Inspired!

Men's Green Blazer, White Dress Shirt, Navy Dress Pants, Orange Leather Sandals

Men's Brown Long Sleeve Shirt, Beige Cargo Pants, Dark Brown Leather Sandals, Dark Brown Leather Belt

Men's White and Navy Horizontal Striped Henley Shirt, Navy Chinos, Black Leather Sandals, White Leather Watch

Men's Grey Crew-neck T-shirt, White Chinos, Dark Brown Leather Sandals, Tan Straw Hat

Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A Queen
Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A King

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  1. there are sandals..and ''sandals'..i just recently got myself queen sandals and can't wait to rock them..:)..yh..also its not only about having the comfy sandals but wearing them right..

  2. Am not a heel kind of person, I love sandals a lot.because am tall so!

  3. Tall and heels? You will just become the tallest person in the building. Lol. But you can still wear heels but not the extremely high ones.

  4. If you like the open face style sandals or flip-flop, and after all, it is summer, then you should go for Birkenstock Born sandal. page here


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