Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It's Time You Stopped Trying


I know that as you read this topic, you might have said to yourself  ''stop trying? Like seriously? But you always inspire us to never give up so what are you saying right now?'' That's why I would love for you to read this post to the very end *Smiles*

Many a times we try our hardest to breakthrough. Many a times we try so hard to see a light no matter how small at the end of the tunnel. Many a times we try so hard to meet up with the expectations of our peers or
with the society as a whole. Many a times we try so hard to be be who we envisioned ourselves to be.

And when we keep trying but nothing seems to be working out the way we planned or hoped, worrying sets in not minding the fact that worrying leads to sickness. Sicknesses beyond our widest imagination. Sometimes, when one goes the hospital and is been diagnosed of a particular illness too big for him/her and in his/her mind he/she will be wondering where did this sickness come from? But all I did was to think or worry? 

That's why it is of utmost importance to stop trying and just live! Stop trying to belong. Stop trying to meet up with the expectations of people or the world. Stop trying to become somebody...Just live!
The thing is this, once you stop trying and you start living, God has His ways of making everything fall into place beyond what you've never ever expected. You will become who you have always wanted to become. You won't want to belong anymore, instead those you were trying to please will now want to be associated with you. 

Stop trying doesn't mean stop working or stop investing or developing your skills or talents. But stop trying to be a mega star. Stop trying to be this or that because like we have explained earlier, when you keep trying and things don't work out initially, you tend to get all worked up, all stressed, all frustrated and illness sets it. 

Just live...Keep on keepin on...Work hard. Put in your best in everything you do and when it is time for you to be crowned, you won't be stressed up, you won't be tensed, you won't be ill, you won't be frustrated instead you will be ready, you will be prepared and you will be strong enough to take up the throne. 

So stop trying and start living. 

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