Monday, 25 January 2016

It Is Called...Different Levels Of Grace


We usually feel sad when things do not always work out for us as they do with others. 

=> You see people who got a job immediately after graduation from school but you are yet to get yours years after graduating. 
=> You see ladies who are considered ''ugly'' getting married but you that is considered to be the most beautiful girl in your office, school, house or in your environment is yet to get married or even have a boyfriend. 
=> You see people who read few hours before the exam passing and getting a straight A's but you who read months or weeks before the exam is struggling with Cs or D's. 
=> You see people who do not fast neither do they pray have smooth success but you who consistently do fast and pray things seem to be slowly working for you. etc

You tend to ask yourself these questions why me? What did I do wrong?
What exactly is happening? Who did I offend? Why can't I be like so and so person?
Most times, the answer is NO. You didn't offend anyone. You didn't do anything wrong. It is just called different levels of grace. 

The One who knows and sees the end of a matter even before the matter began is still in control and He is making everything fall into place. All that is required is, time. 

We most times see what we choose to see in the lives of others. But in actual fact, no one's life is perfect. Everyone has a battle he/she is fighting. You may not see these battles doesn't mean they aren't there. 

Do not wish to be like others. Do not wish your life or your journey was like that of others, because you have no idea what their stories are like. The only thing you are sure of is your story...your journey. Though it may not look smooth...though there seem to be lots of falling down and rising back up... though there seem to be lots of pains...lots of tears...and a lot of why's?

Everyone on earth has different levels of grace. Joseph in the bible was kidnapped when he was a teenager. It took him years of hardship, false accusations, denials and betrayals before he became what he was destined to be. He became a prime minister at the age of 30. 

Many might have seen Joseph as the Prime Minister and wished they were like him. But only a few knew the process, the journey and the struggle it took him to be where he was that day. 
You can cry if you want to. It will ease out the pains you might be facing at the moment but never stop fighting. Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never stop living. Never stop hoping. 

...For your tomorrow will be way better than your today and your past. It may not look like it but one thing is will surely end in praise. 

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  1. Yea.. no matter how short or how long, the most important thing is that it ends with praise. Awesome post as usual

  2. Nice. I cannot...but reread this.
    It has never been the same tale for everyone.
    God never changes. And yes, it will sure end in praise.

  3. Truly all we need is to constantly ask for his grace upon our lives

  4. one of my favorite quote.........IT WILL END IN PRAISE


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