Monday, 18 January 2016

I Hate My Body!


I wish I had a figure 8 body, where my hips will show in any and every outfit I put on and where my breasts and buttocks will be the centre of attraction. 
I wish I had a slimmer body. 
I wish I was tall. 
I wish I had a pointed nose.
I wish I had a smaller feet. 
I wish my lips weren't so big or weren't so small. 
I wish I had a tiny waist. 
I wish my legs weren't so thin. 
I wish I wasn't this tall. 
I wish I wasn't this short
I wish my legs weren't so big.
I wish my arms weren't the way they are. 
I wish my head wasn't this big or wasn't this small. 
My fingers are so short and ugly. 
I look so young for my age...People most times mistake me for a child.
I wish I wasn't dark in complexion. 
I wish I never had these gigantic eyes. 
I just wish I had a perfect body. So perfect like how I see myself in my dreams etc

I won't stand here and point fingers at anyone saying this is what you constantly say or feel within yourself because one way or the other I am as guilty as you are. 

But there is just one thing or some things we keep forgetting or rarely bears them in  mind and these things are in question forms and they are:
- Can I see?
- Can I breathe?
- Can I hear?
- Can I smile?
- Does my head ache?
- Do I have appetite?
- Can I eat properly?
- Can I walk well?
- Does my arm hurt?
-Does my legs hurt?
- Can I hold or carry things properly?
- Can I sit down properly?
- Do I have clothes to cover my nakedness?
- Do I have food on my table?
- Do I have water to drink?
- Do I sleep whenever and wherever I want to? etc

Now, if most of your answers to the above questions are YES! Then why carry a burden that isn't there to carry in the first place. The truth is this, there is no one under the sun with a perfect body. Most times, the celebrities you adore and feel they have perfect bodies and you want to be just like them have altered their bodies one way or the other. The perfect pictures you see in magazines and newspapers are all photo shopped. 

You were created by God in the most beautiful and most unique way you could ever imagine, which makes you a beautiful being both in and out. That's why it is advisable to leave things you cannot change and work on the things you can change. 

To work on the things you can change are by eating right, drinking lots of water and exercising unless you want to change things you can't change through plastic surgery. The question is this, what makes you think the plastic surgeon will get that perfect body you have always wanted or what makes you feel you might survive the operation?

Like the above picture said, you are beautiful. It is one thing for people to tell you that you are beautiful, it is another thing for you to believe that you are. 

Fall madly in love with yourself. Be confident in your own skin and in who you are. Love your body and treat her right. Build and develop your mind and yourself daily cos in the end, that's really matters. Walk tall cos you are a unique and a one in a billion being. 

Be Inspired.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Yes everybody I beautiful no matter how we look. The earlier we accept that, the better it is for us.

  2. I can't complain, I love my body o


  4. beauty without brains,the private part will suffer - Robert Mugabe


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