Monday, 25 January 2016

Beautiful And Distinguished Curtains = A Polished Living Room

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I guess this is Friday Inspirations coming to you a bit early. *Smiles* And of course, we will still have our Friday Inspirations forum this Friday.

There is just one thing about beautiful and distinguished curtains. They automatically set your living room aside. For example, you can have lovely cushions with amazing pillows (like we inspired ourselves here >>>  ) and lovely decorations but you will still notice that something is missing or off without beautiful curtains or the right curtains.

More often than not, with beautiful curtains, you don't need too many
decorations in your living room. Also, your curtains are actually what helps you decide the colour of pillows you should accessorise your living with or the colour of rug etc.

Why don't we allow pictures do more of the talking now, shall we? *Smiles* I hope you get inspired with what you see. ENJOY!

Be Inspired.

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  1. OMG!!! Those are beautiful decorations. Really inspired by the post.

  2. Beautiful is simply the word

  3. pls arrange one for me will pay u in installments lol, beautiful really!!!


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