Friday, 15 January 2016

Be Careful! Lassa Fever Is More Than Real!


We fought Ebola () and defeated it, I believe together we will fight this fever and also conquer. But in order for us to do that, we need to be aware of its existence. This fever recently killed a medical doctor and also another victim in Abuja.

Lassa fever is an acute and often vital viral disease wit fever occurring mainly in West Africa. This fever is currently in Nigeria. It can be contacted through from rats with the virus. The name of this rat is multimammate rat. The rat is called such because of its possession of multiple nipples.

There are different ways to avoid contacting the virus and they are:

1) Master frequently washing of your hands with soap and water or better still kindly get yourself a hand sanitizer.
2) When you buy apple, before eating PLEASE do wash it with salt and water.
3) Avoid tasting garri (grinded cassava) in the market before buying. Also for now please reduce how you drink garri to zero. Why is that?

Those who sell garri do get their garri from bush market. The garri are most times partially dried when fried and they are most times dried in a nylon bag/sheet in compounds or on tarred roads in villages. These rats feast on this garri when hunger hence how they spread the virus.
However, you can consume your garri as eba because the hot water used in preparing the garri tends to kill the virus.

Please Be Careful. Please share this.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information, its very important to share with family and friends

  2. But if I may say, why is this now a problem? theres always been rats and germs everywhere and are you to tell me that this wasn't in existence during the ebola crisis? oh well..cleanliness is all that matters in the end

    1. Yes dear. Cleanliness and one has to be prayerful and also careful dear


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