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The Health Benefits Of Bathing With Cold Water And Hot Water


Taking a bath as we already may know is a necessity in living and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some consider it okay to bathe once in a day, some twice while to others taking your bath thrice daily is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That will be a topic for another day however, how many times a person chooses to have his or her bath in a day is totally up to the person. 

That been said, many love opting to shower with hot water irrespective of the climate change while others, it is either cold water or nothing. I have heard stories that when you bathe with hot water, you are causing your skin to wrinkle... (more research will be carried on this later on) but did you know that there are health benefits that comes with bathing with cold water and also with hot water? Why not let's find out together what they are?

Cold Water-

> Did you know that bathing with cold water stimulates the body's immune system?

> Do you have so much to do but sleep is coming in the way? Try bathing with cold water and experience being greatly alert. 

> This is wired but did you know that bathing with cold water actually prevents you from having/feeling cold. 

> Why not kill that depression within you fast by bathing with cold water? 

> Ones metabolism increases when we bathe with cold water. 

> This point kind of goes in line with point 4. Just take your bath with cold water whenever you are feeling down and experience great improvement in your state of mind. 

> Yes, you got that right! Cold water helps in tighten our skin whenever we use them to bathe. 

> I didn't know that, having your bath with cold water decreases your chances of losing his/her hair. 

 Hot Water-

> Did you know that you having your bath with hot water helps in relaxing your muscles?

> Feeling tensed? Just have your bath with hot water and feel greatly relieved. 

>  Migraines can be a pain in the butt (excuse my French). But whenever you are having one and medicine isn't working for you, try taking a hot bath and feel relieved. 

> I knew that hot water is good for massaging but I never knew it helps reduce swelling. Hmmm...Interesting. 

> Did you know that hot water clears the skin by removing toxins from it? 

> Did you know that bathing with hot water helps in clearing the nose whenever a person's nose is blocked? 

> Did you know that hot water helps in opening and the skin's pores? Now, once they are opened, the best thing to do is to moisturise your skin, to keep it looking fresh, glowing and moisturised (more on that here >>> ). 

Now that you have learnt so much about the benefits of bathing with cold and hot water, which will you go for? For me it will be a mixture of both really. Hot water sometimes and cold water other times depending on the weather or my mood. What about you?. 

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