Monday, 14 December 2015

Suits VS Tuxedo...What You Need To Know


Before I start, I will love to say, ladies I know this post might not be for you but on a second thought, you can inspire your brothers, friends, boyfriends, fiance, husbands, fathers and uncles about this topic right? So why not read and tell them what you've learnt or better still share it with them? *Winks*

We inspired ourselves about the WOW factor about men in Suits earlier here >>>   but there are still some essential things we need to know about suits and tuxedos. however, tuxedos still fall under the categories of suits. 

Suits most times are best worn to work or to formal occasions while tuxedos are best worn to
events like weddings, black tie events etc (a post on black tie attires for men and women here >>> ). I am sure many will be asking so what exactly are the differences between suits and tuxedos?

Lets learn about them together shall we?

1) A satin is included in a tuxedo while that isn't the case for a suit

2) A tuexdo most times comes with one button while a suit do come with a minimum of 2 buttons. 

Easy right?

Now go dress, look and feel like the King that you are on either a suit or a tuexdo!

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  1. Really? Is the the perfect definitions for both. From what I know, I think everything here is suits. Yeah! Thought tuxedo usually comes in two colours or more kinda design. You know what I mean?!

  2. Tuxedo looks captivating, suits make one look gentlemanly. They both look nice.

  3. I love the suit more though 😋


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