Tuesday, 15 December 2015

He Started By Playing Guitar On The Street...But Guess Who He Is Now?


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Ed Sheeran (Edward Christopher) started many years ago by playing guitar on the street but now who is he? He is a renowned musicians who as won multiple awards and is best friends with one of the most popular musicians on earth... Taylor Swift.

Years back when he was playing on the streets, if anyone would have told him that he will be this successful later on in life, he would never have believed. Some days might have been challenging for him back then but look at how far he has come.

Always remember, it is never by
how far but by how well. Days when you feel like it and days when you don't feel like it, just keep pushing, you will laugh last. Your tomorrow is pregnant with many goodies. It might not look like it now but don't give up. Greatness awaits you!

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  1. never give up.........that was the case of Mr. Flavor, mere keyboard player to super star

  2. This dude is the in. I listen to his music daily. He drives me sane with his music. Currently playing one of his songs titled ONE.


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