Friday, 18 December 2015

Friday Inspirations: The Struggle Of Being Who Society Wants You To Be


Society... Society... Society... Many have lost their lives in the process pleasing you. Many have gone into a severe state of depression trying to make sure that you are happy. Many have lost their loved ones trying to conform to your rules and regulations. It is however very sad to know that despite all these you still weren't satisfied...despite all these, you still wanted more...despite all these you just couldn't let it go.

It as indeed being a struggle:
> The struggle of trying to look certain way because society says so.
> The struggle of behaving certain way because society says so.
> The struggle of making your waist line be certain type of way.
> The struggle of making up certain way because that is what society wants you or your new identity to look like.
> The struggle of dressing certain way because that's the only way you can be accepted by society.
> The struggle of being certain person. 
> The struggle of owning certain things despite the fact that you cannot truly afford them yet.
> The struggle of having your hair be or look certain type of way.
> The struggle of having your skin tone be certain type of shade.
> The struggle of having your buttocks be certain type of size.
> The struggle of having your boobs be certain type of size.
> The struggle of speaking certain type of way.
> The struggle of having certain type of people as your role models.
> The struggle of being this and that even when you are tired of being such person or even if it cost you your life...
...The struggle indeed is very real.

Oh society, will you ever get tired? Even Oliver Twist did get tired at some point right?. The answer to that question is clearly obvious... No! I won't get tired! Even if an entire race or generation is cleared out?

To those conforming to society, the best advice is, be you and never let society define who you are because, there is only one person that will end up losing and that person is...YOU! You know why? Because in the eyes of society, you will never be good enough. So be you without apologizing for it and always thrive to be your best but never to make society happy.

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  1. In either way society or no society.... but the truth is; you can totally blame those people, what do you expect from a society where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe?!

  2. Hmm Dauda your points though, anyways i'll simply just say i think its all just forms of a low self esteem that people feel the only solution is to be a 'society-wanna-be' opinion

  3. Well said! BE YOU constantly. BE YOU without apologies! BE YOU no matter whose ox is gored! BE WHO God says you are! That's the only secret I know to happiness. because trying to please society is a bottomless pit.


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