Wednesday, 11 November 2015

This Life! He Was Rescued From The Streets At The Age Of 9. Guess Who He Is Now?


This life is so funny that no one can predict what will happen tomorrow just like we established here >>>  that tomorrow is so pregnant. Above is Justus Uwayesu who at the age of 9 was rescued from the streets (he lived in the city dump as an orphaned child). Now fast forward to few years later, he is now a student in one of the most prestigious universities in the whole wide world...Harvard!!! Yes, you heard that right he is now a student of Harvard.

One thing I know about Harvard is that only intelligent ONES gain admission there. When I say intelligent I mean INTELLIGENT! That is to say Justus Uwayesu is a very intelligent young man. He was like this little boy in the picture below when he was rescued.

Now for a man who was rescued few years ago to be admitted into Harvard is just beyond amazing. There are few lessons to learn from this:

Justus Uwayesu

1) Don't look down on your tomorrow even if your today is not so bright.
2) Never look down on anyone cos you have no idea what they will become tomorrow.
3) Don't lose faith.
4) Don't give up.

It is not over until it is really over.

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