Wednesday, 18 November 2015

See How The Life Of This 16 Years Old Beauty Tragically Turned Around Just By Taking Ecstasy Once


Like what many teens may do in a house party filled with fellow teenagers, Amy who is 16 of age tried taking ecstasy for the first time only for her to pass out immediately and to wake up 2 weeks later in the hospital. She is currently suffering from brain damage.

Below is what she looks like now:

She was featured on the Doctors show. Below is the video 

Please folks, stay away from all form of hard drugs. Please. 

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  1. Ecstasy a drug?! Never heard that before?
    Well, god saved her life. In her next generator she will never dare...
    Those who do plastic surgery should also pick this as a warning sign

  2. drug is as bad as isis and bokoharam, the only different is there's no religious backing lol


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