Monday, 2 November 2015

I Am Broken...But I Can Still Colour


Have you ever felt like giving everything all up and not looking back?
Have you ever heard more ''NOs'' in your life than ''YES'?
Have you ever been criticised more than you have been appreciated?
Have you ever worked so hard but have nothing to show for it?
Have you ever given it your all but nothing seems to be working?
Have you ever visited the hospital only to be diagnosed with an illness that only God in His mercy can cure?
Have you been stabbed in the back by people you least expected?
Have you ever tried so hard to do the right things but you repeatedly kept doing the wrong things?
Have you ever gotten to the lowest point in your life and it as seems as though there will never be a light at the end of the tunnel?
Have you ever been looked at and called a failure?
Have you ever been looked at and called ugly?
Have you ever been looked at and called useless?
Have you ever felt worthless and less deserving?
Have you ever felt so unloved?
Have you ever been falsely accused that the world believes every element of the lies that were said against you than the actual truth?
Have you felt that your voice never wants to be heard?
...Have all these things and many more happened to you and you have been broken in ways you never imagined?

I want you to raise your shoulder up, your head high, wear your crown and say to yourself though I am broken but guess what, I can still colour! Broken crayons can still colour. I am better than a crayon because I have life in me and if a non-living thing can still colour despite being broken then I am going to colour and I am going to colour really well! You know why, BECAUSE I AM A SURVIVAL!!!

So look in the mirror and say to who you see ...I am broken but do you know the amazing thing about been broken? I can still colour... I can still colour so beautifully because I AM A SURVIVAL! My situation or circumstance won't define me or who I am. Watch me colour really well...

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  1. Awwww. Chi, this is specifically for me.

    "though I am broken but guess what, I can still colour!"


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