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4 Things You Shouldn't Do When Trying To Lose Weight With Solutions


In our weight loss journey we most times think we are doing everything right and end up being depressed as to why we haven't lost the desired amount of weight we wanted. But in actual fact we were doing most things wrong all along. 

Below are 4 things we shouldn't do when trying to lose weight:
1) Do not skip meals
This is very important. Do not skip meals especially breakfast because when you end up eating, you tend to eat more than you are supposed to making you to cover for the times you skipped your meal (s). 

Eat small portions of food several times in a day or eat but make sure you drink more water of what you have eaten. This will end up making you pass out fats as urine.
2) Do not rush the process
Don't say I want to lose weight fast and you end up rushing everything. When you do this, you will get tired very fast and end up giving everything up. 

Take baby steps everyday. For example, from brisk walking to jogging from jogging to running etc. From eating loads of fried foods in a day to 2 to 1 and to none... but don't forget to always have cheat days or day (more on that here >>>). 

3) Giving ears to the opinions (discouraging opinions) of people 
When you give ears to the opinions of people especially the discouraging opinions of people, 2 things are always bound to happen:
a) You go into depression
b) You give up the whole journey of trying to lose weight. 

When you start, trust that many will mock you, discourage you and give you reason why it is aimless trying to lose weight. 


4) Do not be goalless 
This supersedes the above 3. You know why? Because everything falls under this. If you just want to lose weight just for the sake of losing weight you may not really achieve it because you will easily get discouraged and stop along the way. 

Like Bishop Oyedepo do say ''a man who doesn't know where he is going will follow his friend anywhere''.  

Give yourself reasons why you want to lose weight because these reasons are what will keep you going when you are demotivated. Set a goal for yourself. What do you want to look like in 3 months... in 6 months? Is it a particular dress or shirt that is motivating you because you want to fit into that dress? Or you have come to a point in your life that you just have to work on your insecurities?

There has to be a goal you are working towards.

Above all, always remember, this is a journey not a walk through.

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  1. Point black. Just wondering how many people will welcome number 2.

    I'm not trying to lose weight anytime soon. Infact, I would like too add up.

    Thanks for sharing Chi

    1. You are welcome Dauda.
      The truth is, when one rushes the process it ends up backfiring at them. In order not to get tired easily, baby steps are advised.


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