Saturday, 24 October 2015

Woman Who Presented Certificate Of Virginity To Her Dad Gets Mixed Reaction From The World


On her wedding day, Brelyn Bowman married her heart throb Timothy Bowman on the 10th of October 2015. She however did something that has never been done before in the history of weddings...she presented a certificate of purity to her Pastor dad to prove to him that she kept herself till her wedding day.

This news circulated across the globe that it got every one talking. Many were not in support of it because it really isn't a norm anymore for women to keep themselves till marriage. They were of the opinion that she just
wants to show off to the world that she got married as a virgin. While others, applauded her for this brave action (to keep herself till marriage). Her story has since then become headline

news to many networks and also subject of discussion in talk shows as she made several appearance on TV since then to elaborate more on this.

I for one, am among those applauding her for taking a bold step to keep herself till marriage. I remember the day this question should a girl keep her virginity before marriage or not? (Please find that here >>> ) was asked. It was indeed a big topic of discussion that day.
Aside from making Jesus proud or your parents proud, you are making yourself proud. You are doing something though not easy but something you took a stand on. Because a girl's virginity is that one priceless thing that when taken, she can never get it back.

I wish this couple the best in their marriage and congratulations to them once more!

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  1. Virginity.... well, good for her.

  2. It is something she chose to do so it is great for her. But, there are girls, young women who are raped, brutalized everyday who are Not virgins. And, they are just as worthy as this young lady or any others.

    Jesus is not more 'Proud' of her as he is of other females who could not be virgins thru abuse (crimes against them). So, bravo to her. Being mindful that it does not lift her higher in Jesus' name nor lower is key.

  3. Dear Anonymous I love this your comment so much. A big thank you for this comment.

  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being different. Congrats to her for keeping herself, it's not an easy thing especially in a morally bankrupt world like ours where purity is no longer fashionable.


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