Saturday, 17 October 2015

What An Inspiration! Linda Ikeji Buys A Magnificent Mansion In Banana Island


Looking back at her life, at her story and at her journey, popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji might never have thought that she will be where she is today. She may have believed that she will be great in life but maybe never to this extent. We were greatly inspired by her story from grass to grace here >>>  and things just keeps getting better and better.

Linda Ikeji is such an inspiration for me especially in the blogging world. Recently she purchased a mansion in Banana Island for a whopping sum of N 800,000 million Naira. One of the richest men in the country Mike Adenuga (CEO of Globacom) happens to be her neighbour. All from blogging!!!

No matter what your dream is, please don't give up. The journey might not be that smooth but it will definitely end in praise. Your dreams can take farther that you ever imagined if you can only work hard for it. Below are pictures of Linda Ikeji newly purchased mansion. I hope this inspires you. ENJOY!

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  1. Money is good indeed, and hard work pays.

  2. Congratulations to her. 800,000 million? Sound unbelievable. And yes, I refuse to believe that blogging pays all of her bills.
    I admire her anyway.
    She's way too 'successful' now. Lol


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