Monday, 5 October 2015

Ladies, Let's Take A Moment To Talk About Mules


Last 2 weekends, I just said to myself, I am pretty much tired of wearing shoes/sandals. You wear shoes/sandals to work, you then have to wear them to during the weekends like to church, outings with friends, events etc

I was like, there certainly has to be a way out. There is something you can wear other than your shoes/sandals to these events, other than work of course that will make you make stand out and also look classy, chic and like a queen...then I stumbled upon mules.

It can comes in form of a sandal/slippers ..but I am talking about the slippers. The one that comes in block heels. This slippers makes its own fashion statement without much noise. With the pictures you will be seeing below, you will get to understand that you can always dress, look and feel like the queen that you are without having to wear any shoe/sandal. I hope you get inspired. ENJOY!


Be Inspired To Dress And Feel Beautiful
Be Inspired To Dress, Feel And Look Like A Queen

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  1. Mules are really lovely.I prefer them to shoes because shoes make one look so serious.

    1. They are indeed dear. They are also supper comfortable. Classy & comfortable!

  2. You mean these aren't shoes?! I don't understand.


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