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Is It LadyLike For A Lady To Keep Her Bag On The Floor When She Goes Out?


A lady’s bag as we all know are mainly of 3 types. There is the handbag, the purse/clutch and the chain/sling bag (a post on sling bag here  ).  The thing is, normally when I go out or when I'm in the church or eating out, the best place my hand bag can be in because of its size is on the floor. But my sling bag or purse (clutch purse) will or lie flat on my laps. And when on a plane or train, in a plane, your bag should be beside you or in front of you and on a train, your bag should be on your lap and if there is an extra chair, then you can have it kept on the extra chair. Right?

So recently, some friends decided to hang out and of course took some pictures of themselves eating and published it on social media. So many people flooded the comment section with this question ‘’why are their bags on the floor?’’. I was like, why won't their bags be on the floor are they supposed to put their bags on the table?
This will of course distort their views i.e. when looking at the other person's face or you can't possibly keep your bag next to your food and drink.

So, I took it upon myself to carry out a research on the question and here are my findings:
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According to , a lady ought to have her bag kept on a chair next to her or simply hang her bag on her chair. However if she is in a coffee store, she may need to keep her bag under her chair or if she is seated on a rounded-table back chairs, then a lady should have her bag on the floor.

That is, those ladies I saw in the picture weren't wrong because they were seated on a rounded-table back chairs.

I also found out that instead of having your handbag on the floor, you can as well hang it as shown below:




…And for a clutch, the answer is pretty easy, right? Place it on your lap and you are good to go.
My view on when you are on a train or in a plane actually goes in with what the classy woman said.

So beautiful people, what is your view on this? To our men (the Kings), don’t worry you are not left out. Please advise us on this topic also. Let’s inspire ourselves to act like a lady outside. *Smiles*

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  1. Women and fashion. They disturbs their selves a lot.
    Well, what do I know?

  2. They say you can tell alot about a woman with her 'handbag'. Some ppl say a bag should be handled depending on its cost; now whether the bag was gotten from Hermes store or from a local boutique, a woman's bag is sacred n its content supreme... I feel putting your bag on the floor does not speak well about a woman. It is preferable to sit a bag on an extra chair/stool or on your thighs

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your contribution on this topic. It is greatly respected and appreciated.


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